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Via Veneto, 2
31057 Lanzago di Silea (TV)

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Curiosities, news and updates in specialist articles from the Trixen hair world

The Wig Deduction

Our wigs are all CE certified and deductible as a medical device, let's see how...

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The deduction of the Wig for medical use Alopecia or Chemotherapy

Real Hair and fiber wigs

Wigs can be made with real hair or synthetic hair (fiber), there are also wigs made with a mix of real hair and fiber

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Regional contribution for the purchase of the wig - Local health authority reimbursement

In Italy the various Regions have been taking action for a few years to provide an economic contribution for the purchase of wigs for medical use...

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Veneto Region Contribution Wig for medical use

Hair implants and hair transplantation

What are capillary implants? Pay attention to terminology...

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Donate hair...

Donating hair is a gesture of love, solidarity, it allows you to share beauty, restore femininity and support cancer patients, but not only...

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