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Delta Studio Bkb Glam 1965 - Hydrates hair

Moisturising and activating treatment capable of nourishing and hydrating effectively dry skin and hair. Contains natural extracts that enhance the follicle growth cycle. The HIDRATA Line is particularly suitable as a treatment for dry scalp and hair.

Hidrata H1 is a treating shampoo with orthodermic action designed to maintain or restore the scalp to normal physiological conditions. It is therefore suitable for all hair types (even children's) and to be alternated with the other shampoos of the "Profesional System" line.

Hidrata H2 is a balancing and purifying oil based on multivitamins (Burdock, Aloe Vera, Propolis, Ginseng) formulated to improve the trophism of the scalp by normalizing its functions.

Hidrata H3 is recommended for its remarkable capacity for deep action in any case of capillary weakening. The high percentage of pure propolis in synergistic association with other essential oils significantly influences the states of suffering of the germinal papilla.

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